5 Gorgeous Free Apps for the Apple iPhone 6 Plus!

The iPhone 6 plus is a huge change for app developers, and it’s a huge change for Apple. So, you now own an iPhone 6S Plus and want to know if there are any apps available specifically for your new Apple-made phablet? Why, yes...yes there are quite a few good apps to choose from.

Many of them simply take advantage of the phone's 5.5-inch screen, while some of some unique ones offer support for 3D Touch, an entirely new way to interact with Apple's latest phones. This nifty feature enables your phone to sense how much pressure you apply to the display and thus adds a new dimension of functionality. Keep reading to learn which apps you can download today, and what's been changed to make them not only fit the iPhone 6S Plus but also take advantage of the new 3D Touch feature:

1-    Netflix (Free): Netflix actually updated in 2014 to be optimized for the iPhone 6S Plus, meaning it's perfect for the iPhone 6S Plus too.

2-    Yahoo! Weather (Free): Yahoo! Weather, like many of the other apps throughout this list, looks incredible on the iPhone 6S Plus’s bigger screen. You'll see current temperatures over even-larger Flickr photos in full 1080p resolution.

3-    Duolingo (Free): Duolingo is a language-learning app that feels like an iPad app when used on the iPhone 6S Plus in landscape mode. The interface and quizzes have been scaled up and are much easier to view and use. Duolingo also supports 3D Touch, so now you can start a practice lesson right from the home screen.

4-    Instagram (Free): Instagram pictures are now bigger than ever, thanks to the larger screen of the iPhone 6S Plus. Also, as demoed on the Apple event stage, posting an image to Instagram faster using Home Screen Quick Actions. From within the app, peek at photos in your timeline using 3D Touch firm presses.

5-    DROPBOX (FREE): 3D Touch on the Home screen icon gives you Quick Actions to search, upload a photo, view offline files, or get at your most recently edited document. Within the app, Peek and Pop gestures, respectively, offer fast previews and quick subsequent access to files.


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