How it works

Selling on Bitoutlets is easy!

Below are the steps that you need to do in order to sell your items on It’s fast and simple Listing your items for sale on (Hide/Show Images Below?)

1.Finding the right “Product Type”

You basically need to find the “Product Type” (the category) for the product that you want to sell. To do so, you can either utilize the Search bar or select from the Category tree.

2.Selecting the right “Product”

After performing the product type selection (from the above category tree), the system will generate a list of the matched products from the Catalogue. From here you simply choose the product that you want to list.

Note: If you received a long list, you can always refine your search. For example refine your search by adding the exact model # or “collection name” [if is fashion].

3.Listing your “Product” for sale on Bitoutlet

a.) Product selected from bitoutlet Catalogue (you found the product you want to list)

If you already selected the product you want to list from the Catalogue, you don’t need to fill in any product details (specifications, characteristics, images, model, color, description etc.) as we have already done this for you! All you need to do is fill in your offer information (price, quantity in stock, condition, your SKU etc.).

Product Details Page:

In this page, you need to fill in all your product details. It is imperative that this is done accurately and as specifically as possible.

Tip: For areas that require manual input, it is a good idea to use spell check as this will impact your SEO results.

Tip: Please keep an eye on the Seller Helper. This feature will guide you in submitting accurate

information about your product and offer during the listing process. Seller Helper will appear vertically alongside the fields which you are working on.

For non-field entries, click on (?) to open the Seller Helper for that specific entry.

Product Images Page:

In this page, you need to upload images for your product.

During this step, you can select multiple images all at once. This may also be done by a simple drag and drop feature.

Tip: Do not discount the importance of quality images as this is the first impression [and sometimes ONLY] you will make with any potential Buyers.